Potty Training Prodigy

November 11, 2007 at 1:55 am Leave a comment

…Not so much.

We started potty training Piper Ann back in mid June. She was a little over 2 1/2 and I thought enough time had passed since we had moved.  The first day went off without a hitch. Its amazing what this girl will do for a marshmallow. We refer to them as baby crack. By the end of the day she was running to the toilet and pulling down her own pants, totally accident free. She remained that way for at least a couple of days. After that we both got comfortable and I forgot to ask her every 20 minutes if she needed to use the bathroom. There were accidents here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary.

About 2 months ago she got a bladder infection. (This is not a good situation due to her reflux). She associated pain with the toilet, so she’d hold it until the last minute and would end up peeing all over the floor. (You should see the carpet, its not pretty). She also started pooping in her pants. We got the bladder thing resolved, but she’s still having poop issues. She holds it for days and usually ends up going off somewhere else to poop in her pants.

The doctor says not to worry about it. But I am. She uses more pairs of underwear a day than Oliver does diapers. I don’t want to regress back to diapers, and pull ups are too expensive to use all day everyday. (We use them at night, because she’s also regressed in that area as well).

Help! Marshmallows just aren’t working anymore.

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