1:00 am

December 5, 2007 at 2:48 am 2 comments

(loud, “jingle, jingle, jingle)

me: Ricardo what was that noise?

R: The dog playing with the jingle bell wreath on the door.

Me: Oh. (thinking, “what”?, but too tired to care)

6:15 am

R: Olivia the tree fell over

Me: What? Are you freakin kidding me.

We work for like 5 minutes to fix it and it wasn’t happening. I had just put a gallon of water in the tree stand, so now the carpet is completely soaked. It needed to be cleaned anyway.
7:30 am

Nathan: Mom, what happened to the tree? (its still slumped against the window. The UPS man must have been impressed.)

Me (trying to be cute): When St. Nick came down the chimney last night he came in here to look at the tree and knocked it over.


Me: I don’t know?

N: But you have to tell me

Me: He just thought it looked cool

N: Oh (?)

3:00 pm (I tried to fix the tree by myself)

Me:*#@%$ this piece of %$*# tree.

7:00 pm (we now have fishing wire guide wires attached at the window locks)

N: Mom, I can’t find my Hotwheeler (Hot Wheel) ornament that’s cool, I think St. Nick stole it.

Me: No, he didn’t.

N: I think he did, because its not here.

Me: I’m pretty sure its here somewhere.

N: But I can’t find it

Luckily I found it. I couldn’t let the boy go through his childhood thinking that St. Nick stole his favorite ornament.

Entry filed under: Holidays.

Todays winner is… Todays winner is…

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  • 1. hotomom  |  December 5, 2007 at 4:44 am

    You have the funniest life… you couldn’t make this stuff up. Did “DOG” knock the tree over?! I am telling you we are going to find a nice farm for your “DOG” and my “DOG” and they can run and play with anyone but us.

  • 2. funkcoaster  |  December 5, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    This happened to us on our first Christmas in our apt. Well, minus St. Nick stealing ornaments. :)After the tree fell for the 9th time I swore that we’d never do a real tree again…thus our fantabulous fake tree.


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