Sunday Night Recap

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So it will become apparent that I am addicted to trash TV, ie- reality TV. My case is that there is nothing else on to watch. (I would still be a reality junkie if Grey’s etc were not in rerun.)

Rock of Love II-This show is a total trainwreck and completely degrading to women. However, they didn’t need to sign up and wear little to no clothing. I’m just curious as to what the deal is with Catherine.
I know that she and Bret are probably the same age, but it doesn’t seem as though “born in the same decade” is something he’s looking for. I guess we’ll see if he keeps her around for the next couple of weeks.
My favorite is Peyton, but she’s definitely not slutty enough. In fact he even said he liked her in a sort of “friend that you can jam with” kind of way.

Scott Baio is 46…and no longer pregnant!

Thank goodness. This hardly falls under the category of “reality TV.” It seems awfully set up.

Hopefully there will be a more positive spin on the show rather than all his negativity towards matrimony and child rearing.

Big Brother

My first question is how come every guy with a slight build hangs out with their shirts off all the time? Even if Ricardo got in shape for Mr. Universe, I doubt he’d hang out with his shirt off all the time. There’s something unenjoyable about staring at someone’s nipples for an hour.

I used to be pulling for Jen and Ryan to win because of their secret. I still like him, but not here. I don’t have a favorite picked at all yet. Usually I have someone picked right off the bat.  I think its hard to choose, because they are couples instead of individuals.  Maybe after the POV, I’ll be able to pick a couple.

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