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Yummy Lunch

On cold rainy days, the kids love this lunch.

I call it Monte Cristo PB & J…

Melt some butter in a pan.
Make a stack of PB & J. Make an extra one, because they go fast!
Dip sandwiches in an egg wash made up of 2 eggs a tablespoon of milk, a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and maybe a dash of cinnamon.
Cook each side until golden brown in oil set on medium- high.
The best way to finish these off is with a little sprinkle of powdered sugar, which of course I was out of.

By the way, I’m switching back to my old design. This one cuts off my pictures.

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Things I Love Thursday-Pizzelle Cookies


Sorry about the lack of “Hobby Humpday” yesterday. This was the week that I not knowingly scheduled to do everything I couldn’t do while recovering from surgery.

Anyway, Ricardo brought these gems home from the grocery store around Christmas. Think waffle cone in cookie form. Although they would be great with ice cream, I like to eat them right out of the box. At 23 calories per cookie, I do just that.

There is a special gadget called a pizzelle press. If my local grocer stops carrying pizzelles, I might just have to get one!

For more TILT, check out The Diaper Diaries

February 26, 2009 at 3:03 pm 5 comments

She’s Here!


She’s actually been here for a while, but as soon as we got her Piper Ann took off with her. It took me a while to find all her pieces and redress her.

We got “Alex” from the toy swap I participated in over at Bird and Little Bird.

dscn0780Gail at Crafty Little Beana (a fellow St. Louisan) was my trade partner.
I traded these bean bags with her and also let her daughter pick an apron from my shop.
She also made this that double as a necklace for “Alex” or a bracelet for Piper Ann. It matches the fabrics perfectly.

February 23, 2009 at 9:59 pm 2 comments

Basement Overhaul

The basement which is the kids Wii area and playroom has been seriously neglected since I had surgery.
Yesterday was the day I referred to as D day, as in DISASTER!

Here are some before pictures…





I ended up with 6 bags of trash…


and 3 laundry baskets full of stuff to sell or donate…


Here are the after pictures…




February 21, 2009 at 9:54 pm 2 comments

Things I Love Thursday-Everyday Food

I’ve been subscribing to Martha Stewarts’ Everyday Food for about 3 years not, and I absolutely love it.
The recipes are easy to follow and usually don’t need that many ingredients. I especially love the weekly menus. They give you 5 recipes along with a grocery list for an entire workweek.
After 3 years of subscribing I’ve accumulated a lot of magazines. To cut down on storage I created a spreadsheet.
I have different categories such as appetizers, desserts, vegetables, but I also have meals categorized by main ingredient. That way I can read the grocery ad, see whats on sale and reference my spreadsheet for a recipe.
When I categorize a recipe, I put the name of the recipe along with the date of the issue it came from. When I want that recipe, I go to Martha’s website and type in the name of the recipe I want and then print it out.

For more TILT check out the Diaper Diaries.

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Works For Me Wednesday-Onions

Can your kids spot an onion from a mile away not matter how finely you chop it? Mine certainly can!

My tip for you is to put a little onion powder into what you’re cooking instead of fresh onions. You’ll still get the onion flavor without the complaints!

For more WFMW check out RIMD.

February 18, 2009 at 4:41 am 1 comment

Hobby Humpday

I got nothin’ for you.

Actually I have a lot, just no pictures. I’ve been in pillow making mode for the last couple of days. I will share soon.

For now, leave a comment with a link to your HHD.

Have a great humpday!

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We let the kids watch footloose this weekend.

It wasn’t until we were watching it that we realized how inappropriate it was for children. I had to answer some questions I wasn’t ready for…

“why is he naked in the woods?” During a post sex scene.

“why is she zipping up her pants? Did she pee in the woods?’ During the same sex scene.

“Why is he hitting her? Why does she have blood?” After watching a girl get beat up.

Luckily they haven’t dwelled on it too much. I did explain that boys do not hit girls!

My favorite part of the movie is when Willard is learning how to dance. They play “Lets Hear it for the Boy!”

Looking back one of the funniest parts is when Ren (Kevin Bacon) gets so mad, he throw his beer and has to dance. I love it!

February 18, 2009 at 2:24 am 1 comment

Rice Krispie Hearts


Mmmm marshmallows and butter.


Waiting to be dipped.


I made some mini hearts out of the scraps. I love bite sized things!


An impromptu drying rack.


Scraps to appease the kids!

February 13, 2009 at 3:14 pm 6 comments

Easy Kids Valentine Craft

Its another Hobby Humpday, WFMW combo.

The kids and I did these for a test run, so I could bring them to Nathan’s class on Thursday.

So the supplies you need are a pencil, some glue, various colors of tissue paper cut in squares, and foam or cardstock hearts.


First thing you do is wrap a little square of tissue around the eraser end of the pencil like this…


Dip it into a little bit of glue


Apply it to your heart.


If your child can’t wrap the tissue this looks cute also


I drew a heart shape in the middle of mine as a guideline for a different color.


We turned ours into a chandelier mobile, but I think they would be adorable turned into garland by stringing them with twine or ribbon.

You can play along if you’d like, just leave me a comment.

February 11, 2009 at 2:57 am 4 comments

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