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The “gunga” (binky) fairy came two nights ago, and left Oliver some really cool Star Wars sheets for his bed. I’ve been putting it off for so long, but it was time for Oliver to hang them up.

He’s been doing pretty well at night time, its the napping that he’s having trouble with.

Today was the first time he asked for his “gunga.” When I said they were gone, he started to cry for daddy. (Ricardo was always quick to the draw to shove that thing in his mouth.)

He still loves his blanket and has attached himself to a bear. I’ll take it. The bear won’t cost us thousands of dollars in dental work!

Now if I could think of some sort of “fairy” to get Piper Ann to stop sucking her thumb!

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Ruffled Pillow

Have you seen this adorable pillow floating around the internet?

I love it especially in orange.

I made my own to match my bedroom…


I love the way it turned out except for the slightly different colored white felt I had. It looks ok from far away.dscn1619



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Another One

Here’s another bag I made from Ricardo’s pants…




Its in my shop.

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Ricardo cleaned out his closet last week and had 4 bags of unwanted clothes to donate.

I dug through those bags with a few items in mind…wool sweaters and dress pants.

Unfortunately I didn’t find any 100% wool sweaters to turn into felt, but I did find some awesome pants he no longer wanted.

Purses/handbags are what I had in mind for the pants.

Here is one of the purses I came up with…





I was able to keep the back pocket intact for the inside of the purse.


Extra pockets for cell phone or whatever.

This purse is for sale in my etsy store. Don’t forget 20% goes to charity!

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Wheels for Henry

I just wanted to let you all know that 20% of all my sales at Livvie Lee between now and December 1st, will go towards Wheels for Henry.

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Yesterday I was working in my newly organized sewing room (I had no before pictures, so I thought after pictures would be pointless) when Nathan came down and asked me for a cardboard box. I had just gotten a steal on some boots from DSW, so I gave him the box. He colored it and told me where to cut the holes.

We made a helmet from a beer box, because every spaceship driver needs a helmet.

He is going to kill me when I bust out these pics when he’s 16, but they’re hilarious.


dscn1617He played in the front yard for hours wearing this get up. That kid has one heck of an imagination!

He says he’s going to wear this on Halloween along with the Boba Fett costume his grandpa already bought for him. We’ll see!

This leads me to my first poll…

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My friend Nicole just did a post on this today, so I thought I’d add to it…

Before I had kids I swore they would never wear clothes with characters on them.

I also swore they would never own shoes that light up. We’ve actually only crossed paths with one pair, but we now have shirts that light up.

Homemade Halloween costumes were also a musthave. I swore I would never buy the crappy, but expensive, kind from party stores. They have come a long way since I was a kid, though.

Of course all that has gone by the wayside. The more characters the better. Now my kids study the Halloween magazines that we get in the paper or the mail to decide what they’ll be this year. Luckily grandpa funded them!

Today I finally gave in to my last “I swear I would never…,”

I bought a blow up Halloween decoration for the yard.

Ricardo is going to take the kids for a night to the in-laws. When they get home, I’ll be surprising them with a blow up haunted house and gravestones in the garden! I’ll try and post pictures.

I still have one thing I will never give in to…the orange leafbags with jack-o-lantern faces on them. I especially hate them when they’re still out at Christmastime, because the yardwaste collection has either stopped or they won’t take leaves in plastic bags!

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