Snow Day

January 15, 2010 at 2:19 pm Leave a comment

We had our first snow day of the year last week.

The kids were so excited. They actually got up earlier that day than they did on Christmas!

The day started off with chocolate chip pancakes then a viewing of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. That has become the new “go to” movie in our house. The kids also like to watch old reruns of Pee Wee’s playhouse on You Tube…Thanks to Ricardo’s new Blu Ray player we can do all of those things from the comfort of our couch.

We hit the slopes in the backyard by 9 am. They aren’t super steep, but good enough for the 2 younger timid kids. Luckily or unluckily, because it was 10 degrees outside, the kids lasted over an hour. It takes a long time to get 3 kids, plus myself ready to go play in the snow. It seems like old times when they were 2 1/2, 1, and a newborn!

We came in and enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies that I had made earlier.

Piper Ann spent the rest of the morning at the neighbor’s house while the boys ran around the house playing with another neighbor.

After lunch the boys hit the slopes again with a neighbor while I worked out, showered and put laundry away.

I heard Oliver crying outside. I assumed he had had enough of the cold, but met him at the back door. I was greeted with bloody faced 3 year old. Apparently he didn’t get the “bow out when you get close to a tree while sledding” memo, and smacked a tree head first.

He definitely did a number on himself. Luckily it didn’t scare him too much. He went back out after Ricardo got home.

Nathan had the next day off too because of the bitter cold, but Piper Ann had preschool. Thankfully Ricardo drove her, so I didn’t have to face negative temps!

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