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Green Bag

I copied this bag from a similar one I have, but mine is solid black with little white polka dots.

The floral fabric is from an Urban Outfitters curtain. Thanks to my sis for leaving it here!

Instead of using interfacing I just lined it with the green canvas that I used for the top section and handles. There are two simple pockets on the interior in the striped fabric.

I think I’ll give it to my mom for her birthday. Afterall she will be watching my kids on the morning of her bday! Thanks mom!

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From Disheveled Little Girls Room…

To funky yet sophisticated little girls room…

There are still a few major things I’d like to do. I need to do somthing a little different with the curtains. Closet doors are a must although it might be difficult to access the kitchen, so maybe a curtain there? I’m also trying to get inspired to do something with the wall under the chair rail. I thought about painting stripes, but the wall isn’t smooth. I’m afraid it will be a huge nightmare! Any suggestions?

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New Cabinet

A few weeks ago as I dropped off Piper Ann at school, I noticed this cabinet in someones trash. I drove by it, checked it out and drove away. A few thoughts ran through my head, “how will I get it in the car?” “what will I do with it?” How will I fix it up?”

I didn’t have solid answers for those questions, so I just let it go. Of course I thought about it for the next 4 hours and came up with the answers to those questions. I had to have it. When I picked up PA from school, one of the mom’s (thanks again Heidi!) helped me load it up.

Once again here is the before picture…

It started with some sort of trim thing around the top. I thought it looked cool, but it would be far more functional to have a flat top, so I removed it.

I figured I’d either use it as a sideboard in the dining room, or in Piper Ann’s room for toy storage. Since she got a new dresser, I used her old dresser as a sideboard in the dining room and decided to put the cabinet in her room for storage.
I did paint it a color that could go in either room, though.

I painted it aqua blue.

I stole these acrylic knobs off of the original purple dresser.

I sprayed the hinges and screws chrome.

All her toys fit nicely inside.

I got these projects done just in time to free up space in the garage for a car that doesn’t exist anymore!

Update on Mallory… we’re waiting to see if someone wants to buy her for parts. If not, we’ll just donate her. I took Ricardo’s car, a Jeep Commander, and he got a new car that he got a really good deal on. As cool as I didn’t feel driving a mini van. The convenience was unbeatable. Where I make up in coolness now, I definitely lose in convenience!

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Updated Dresser

Piper Ann had this dainty little dresser that we got from Ricardo’s grandma when she died. I loved the lines of it and the legs. I hated having to fold all of her pants in thirds to fit them in the drawers and having to use two drawers just for pajamas.

While we were helping my mom move into her new house here, I came across a purple dresser that my sister painted when she lived at home. Since she now lives in Hawaii, I didn’t think she’d be needing it anytime soon. So, I snagged it.

I don’t have a full on “before” picture, but here are some pictures after I sanded it.

It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t right for PA’s room.

After I snagged this dresser, a day later I dragged this out of someone’s trash and decided I was going to somewhat redo her room.

But, more on that later.

Here is the after of the dresser…

I painted it all white and bought these large flower decals from byrdiegraphics on etsy.

I scrounged up all the random knobs I could find around the house and painted them black.  I also had 4 backplates in two different styles that I painted aqua blue.


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This year as usual I took the kids up to Chicago.

This is how the trip started…

Yep, I crashed the car on the way up. Luckily aside from a little stiffness in the neck and back, everyone was ok. Just a little shaken up and scared!

That thing hanging down would be the car’s computer! It still ran fine and even the automatic doors still worked after the accident!

As you can tell by the damage to the front of the car that the accident was my fault.

I looked down for a second as traffic came to a screeching halt. I didn’t halt soon enough and crashed into the back of a very nice brand new Honda Accord.

Lucky for him we both have insurance. Unlucky for me that we only had liability! Its a complete loss, but hopefully Mallory can help revive another van.

Other than that and 3 inches of snow on Saturday, we had a good time. I got to have lunch and shop with two of my closest friends who are both preggo!

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New Belt

Piper Ann got this adorable cashmere dress when she was born. I knew I’d keep it as an heirloom piece until I took it out of storage to look for some other things.

My laundry skills are extremely lacking as you can see in these photos. The puke actually ate holes in the dress. : (

I love the detail on the trim!

I have a feeling I didn’t actually wash this by the stains on the front. They could have oxidized over time?? If they were’nt there, I probably would have just cut off the sleeves, added a ruffled trim, and made it into a jumper.

Instead I cut up the whole thing and made flowers out of the cashmere, GASP, I know!

I’ve been seeing these belts all over the blogosphere and decided to make one for myself.

(not the greatest picture, I know, but I had to take it myself in the mirror.)

I’m currently working on a large project for my friend’s mom. When I’m done with that I’m hoping to make a few of these for my shop (which is currently empty), but stay tuned.

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Happy Birthday Ricardo

Today is the beginning of your 37th year of life.

I’m lucky enough to have spent twelve of your 37 with you.

Love you.

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Another Quilt in Progress

Its baby season. A lot of my friends are pregnant, including two of my besties.

The recipient will remain anonymous until further notice!

I fell in love with the brown, tangerine, and red-orange polka dotted fabric. (I also made a skirt for myself! More on that later.) I was working on this while watching the Olympics. It reminds me of the German flag.

I added brown with white polka dots, tangerine with white polka dots, and red-orange with polka dot fabrics.  I did a very linear patchwork with scraps I cut from the fabric. I love the way the top turned out. I’ll probably do the tangerine as the binding and backing. I’m not sure if I’ll hand quilt or machine quilt this one.

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Quilt in Progress

I’m making this one for someone special, but its a secret for now. I’m pretty sure the mom to be doesn’t read my blog, but we’ll keep it a secret anyway.

I used a crazy nine pattern in different purples.

I’ll post more pics when its done.

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Baby Gift

Happy March. Hopefully by the end of this month warmer weather will be here to stay!

A good friend of ours had a baby 3 months ago, and I’m finally getting to the gift.

My excuse is that she was born right after Thanksgiving and they moved right around Christmas. I didn’t want to send extra crap for them to pack, and still don’t have their current address.

(Yes this is sideways and I can’t figure out how to straighten it out…well I can, but it won’t stay.)

I took a plain onesie and added this pink polka dot ruffled skirt to the bottom. (Thanks for the idea, Deanna!)

Close up (once again sideways..grrr.)

I also made this scrappy quilt. I love the color combo.

The backing is solid pink with white polka dots.

Its definitely a girly quilt, but not so babyish. There are a lot of blues, browns and greens to go with the pink.

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