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Fat Quarter Swap

I recently participated in the Sew Mama Sew Fat Quarter Swap.
I chose to swap with 8 other people, because I’m sick of looking at the same fabrics!

Here’s what I’m swapping out.

This one I don’t love alone, but I love the colors of it and it would look amazing in an orange and blue quilt!

I’ve received most of my fat quarters. I’ll share them with you after I’ve received them all. I adore almost all of them!

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Birthday Party

Nathan celebrated his 7th birthday last week.
We rented a pavilion at Castlewood State Park, and invited some of Nathan’s classmates along with their parents and siblings.

It was one of the easiest birthday parties I’ve ever thrown. The menu included hotdogs cooked by Ricards, chips, apple slices, kool aid, and beer (for the adults).

I forwent goody bags and just had candy from the pinata and gave each kid a water stick thing from the dollar store.

After we ate, we headed down to the creek for a little 65 degree water fun! The kids had a blast!! We were a sight to see as 20 kids marched through the park chanting “hup, two, three, four!”

Here are some pictures from the creek.

Piper Ann in her new dress all muddy and wet!

Oliver is wrapped up here in my brand new cardigan. I didn’t go unscathed. One of the kids squirted me in the back with cold muddy water. Yikes!

I was told on mulitple occassions that this was the best birthday party ever!

A pretty darn good compliment if you ask me!!!

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Ruffle Dress

Add 12, 9 and 6″ tall by 44″ wide ruffled & hemmed strips to bottom of fitted $4 tank top from Target.

And you get an instant dress…

A close up of the skirt…

I’ve been making a lot of these lately, stay tuned.

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Bridal Shower Gift

My cousin is getting married in a few weeks in Jamaica. We had a shower for his fiancee this past weekend.

I came across these glasses at IKEA and instantly fell in love with them.
Although they’re a one time use. I got the napkins to match.

The matching lanterns turned the gift into an outdoor entertaining theme.

All bundled up in a galvanized bucket I got from Home Depot that can be used to ice down beer.

Its hard to see, but there is a red plastic tray in the back.

I glued on a flower that I made out of oilcloth and coordinating buttons. I chose oilcloth since it might get wet, plus its cute and no sew!

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