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How Cute are These?

You can have one!

Check it out…

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Another Elongated Dress

Remember this dress? Well here is the pink one as promised.
I think I like this one better. Its less tight in problematic areas.

I added the length towards the bottom of the dress rather than at the waist on this one.

I added ruffles to the bodice instead of flowers.

Its super comfortable yet fashionable to wear to Wicked. Yes, I went this weekend and it was AWESOME!

June 21, 2010 at 6:18 am 1 comment

Red and Aqua Quilt Top

Its baby season again her at 3 inunder 3. Did you know that 10% of my 200 facebook friends are either pregnant or just had a baby? Yes, I counted.

Anyway here is the start of my newest baby quilt.

I did kind of stacked quilt. I love the polka dots (which are hard to see) and the color combination.

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Clean Garage

When we first moved into this house, we parked both cars in the garage. Its extra wide, so all the bikes and things fit along with the cars. I had a minivan and Ricardo drove a Jeep Wrangler.
Ricardo traded in the Wrangler for a Commander and the kids’ stuff seemed to multiply. Needless to say the Commander got the boot. Two oversized vehicles didn’t fit with all the other “crap.”
After Mallory bit the dust, Ricardo got a new, smaller car.  I knew with some serious organization and purging, both cars could once again fit in the TWO CAR garage!
All the crap. Jen, do you recognize the bike in the back corner?!

Seriously, how much crap does one family need in a garage? How many tricycles does a child need?

My mom came over and helped me organize. We filled all the trash cans and even made a trip to the dump! I don’t recommend wearing flip flops to the dump on a rainy day. I wasn’t a big fan of walking through the mysterious sludge on the ground!

Here it is all organized…

Two Cars! You can even get the lawnmower out without moving a car!

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