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Jewelry Organizer Tutorial

(Sorry about the bad pics. Bad lighting in the bathroom)


What you’ll need:

*A frame

*Spray paint

*Foam core board




Thrift store frame


Spray painted black

Cut a piece of foam core board to fit inside the back of the frame.

Cut a piece of fabric a little larger than foam core board.

Wrap fabric around foam core. I secured it with duct tape.

Miter the corners

I wanted to be able to clip things on, so I added some ribbon.

I duct taped 3 pieces of ribbon to the back and wrapped it around the front to the other side.

I used T-pins stuck into the foam core in which to hang earrings

Hang on the wall!

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Stinky Shoes

Piper Ann had these shoes that hit the point of no return. I could literally smell her coming.
After we got her witch costume from Goodwill for $3, I knew we could fancy up those shoes for one last hurrah.

Before (stuffed with plastic bags)



After (a little purple spray paint, mod podge, and glitter)

She’s going to be the sparkliest witch on the block!

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I would love a shelf like this under my washer and dryer. (Ricardo, if you’re reading…)

Another idea for all of those vintage zippers I have! So cute!

Wouldn’t these topiaries look wonderful on a Christmas table?

These pumpkins would be perfect for my front porch! I love the addition of the grapevine.

Here is a link for a pdf file if you’d like to “Boo” your neighbors. Its a fun tradition in our house!

Piper Ann’s birthday is coming up. I know she’d love these for breakfast!

Moustache drinking glasses

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Toilet paper wreath.

Recycled Roses Pillow

I don’t know if I’m ambitious enough to try this, but these wire cloches are really cool!

Purse made out of pants. I made these a while ago, but I love the ruffles!

This belt is adorable. The flowers could have many uses!

I love every idea on this page!

I LOVE this bag. It really makes me want a serger!

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My New Toy

I picked these up at Williams-Sonoma.

I’ve never used pancake molds before, so it took some tweaking with the recipe. Pumpkin pancake mix does not work well with the molds. Its way to starchy and sticks too much. I ended up using the recipe on the package and spraying everything liberally with nonstick spray.

Two of them make great sandwich presses (Yoda is too wide for normal sandwich bread). Nathan is definitely the coolest kid at the lunch table!!

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Flower Muffin Tin Redo

Oliver really enjoyed the flower themed muffin tin, and asked for it again.

In the upper left and right corners there are Ritz crackers with notched carrot slices and string cheese centers. The top center is popcorn. Bottom left is a Bologna rose, bottom center is chocolate pudding with a vanilla pudding piped flower and a marshmallow center. Bottom right is an apple sliced notched with a raisin center.

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Daisy Muffin Tin

I finally got the kids muffin tins spray painted. I also picked up some silicone muffin liners at Home Goods. They are flower shaped, so I decided to run with the theme and make a daisy/flower themed lunch.

The muffin tin colors aren’t very fun. I just used what I had.

Sliced string cheese with a raisin center.

A piece of bread cut with a circle cookie cutter that I then notched with my kitchen scissors. The center is a little dollop of Merkt’s port wine cheese.

Bologna with a string cheese center. I folded a circle of bologna in quarters and then cut petal shapes. Piper Ann told me it looked nothing like a flower. She said it looked like “a bandaid, when you need another one.” I can’t say I disagree!

For dessert a little Reese’s pieces flower. (suddenly, I love the purple, yellow and brown combo!)

The apples in peanut butter was kind of a stretch, but I tried.

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Oh Happy Day!

Look what I got in the mail!

I can’t wait to start creating with these.

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