Daisy Muffin Tin

October 7, 2010 at 6:38 am Leave a comment

I finally got the kids muffin tins spray painted. I also picked up some silicone muffin liners at Home Goods. They are flower shaped, so I decided to run with the theme and make a daisy/flower themed lunch.

The muffin tin colors aren’t very fun. I just used what I had.

Sliced string cheese with a raisin center.

A piece of bread cut with a circle cookie cutter that I then notched with my kitchen scissors. The center is a little dollop of Merkt’s port wine cheese.

Bologna with a string cheese center. I folded a circle of bologna in quarters and then cut petal shapes. Piper Ann told me it looked nothing like a flower. She said it looked like “a bandaid, when you need another one.” I can’t say I disagree!

For dessert a little Reese’s pieces flower. (suddenly, I love the purple, yellow and brown combo!)

The apples in peanut butter was kind of a stretch, but I tried.

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Oh Happy Day! Flower Muffin Tin Redo

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