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I will be using this tutorial a lot!

Adorable Snowflake Pillow.

Really easy, no sew, inexpensive blankets that would make great gifts.


Days Until Sign. Instead of just using chalkboard paint, you could use magnetic paint as well. Then make little embellishments coordinating with the holidays that have little magnets glued to them.

I can imagine my whole mantel or table covered in these glitter trees.

I love this amazing map!

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I just bought this stencil…

With this in mind…

Stay tuned.

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Petit Fours

We did an Eloise at the Plaza themed birthday party for Piper Ann since Eloise is 6 and Piper Ann was turning 6.

Instead of making a cake, I decided to try my hand at making petit fours. I used this recipe, but decided to cut up pound cake instead of baking my own to save time.

All the ingredients waiting to be melted over a double boiler.

All melted and ready to be poured.

And Voila!

I jumped on the mini banner bandwagon.


Ok, obviously I’m kidding…When I poured on the frosting it turned into a goopy mess that wouldn’t pour evenly. It cooled before it would cover the cake. I tried thinning the frosting, but that didn’t work. However, the petit fours I got from the bakery weren’t completely covered either. In fact on most of them just the tops were covered. I wasn’t super impressed which made the $1/piece price tag even harder to justify.

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Bag Swap

I recently took part in Sew Mama Sew’s bag swap.
My swap partner was Kris from Everywhere Orange.
Look at this amazing bag she made for me…

I love everything about it, the style, the colors, the pattern.

She also did a great job with construction.

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the bag I made for her before I sent it out. Luckily she took some amazing pictures of it for me. Check it out here.

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Egg in the Hole- Recipe Roundtable


Sliced ham





honey or maple syrup

Start by heating up honey or maple syrup in pan.

Heat on ham each side until caramelized.

Meanwhile in another pan, melt butter.

Cut shapes from center of bread. Circles work well, but I used hearts.

(Smear the cutouts with pumpkin butter and your kids will love you forever.)

Crack an egg in the cutout of each piece of bread.

Season egg with salt and pepper.

When egg whites start to turn opaque, flip to other side.

For runny eggs cook just a few minutes. For firmer eggs cook longer.

Top bread with ham and sliced tomato. A slice of cheese would also be delicious.

For more Recipe Roundtable visit The Big Binder

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Happy Birthday to my precious pumpkin pie. I love you so much!

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I can’t wait to pour over this list of wallpaper sources. I’ve been waiting to find inspiration for an alcove in my family room.

Make your own candy paper dots.

I love this sign. I think one with our last name would be cute!

Another great felt flower pillow.

This sewn paper garland is wonderful!

I would love this pear pillow made in the likeness of these.

Really easy and cute gift toppers.

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Handmade Holidays

Don’t forget to check in at Sew Mama Sew for their 4th annual Handmade Holidays. They will have a new tutorial everyday.

I will also be sharing some handmade gift ideas with you as well!

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