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Handmade Holidays # 7

Wire Cloches and glittered Christmas trees are number 7.

A while back I bookmarked these wire cloches.
Instead of banging them against a metal bowl, I just made relief cuts and bent the tops down.

I spray painted a wooden candle holder topped with wooden ball black to use as the handle and added an adorable grosgrain ribbon bow.

I found these great letters at Hobby Lobby, sprayed them black and tied them with ribbon around the handle.

The cloches house a green glittered Christmas tree.

The trees are topped with a felt star that I whipped stitched with green thread. I stuck a tooth pick into the top of the tree to hold the star.


I found these wooden disks at Hobby Lobby that I sprayed black and glittered the edges.

I also made one that is just for winter, not so Christmasy.

I used this tutorial for the snowflake looking thing hanging from the center. I used hot glue instead of staples.

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Handmade Holidays 7

Cherry Infused Whiskey
I took a 1.75 liter bottle of Jack Daniels and poured a little out (it didn’t go to waste, just to waist!). I added maraschino cherries without the juice to the whiskey and let it soak for a week.

(No, I didn’t drink that much! I took the picture after I had poured it into bottles)

I found these bottles that Ricardo had previously used for brewing beer, and poured the whiskey into them. I made sure to remove the cherries in case they got nasty.

I plan on adding a recipe for Manhattans. However it would be great added to Coke for cherry Cokes or to 7up for cherry 7ups!

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Handmade Holidays 6

Here is number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4 and number 5.

Number 6 is Figure 8 scarves also known as infinity scarves.

What you’ll need:

2 yard of cotton knit fabric

Scraps of other cotton fabric

Coordinating thread

Cut fabric in thirds lengthwise. Sew ends together using a french seam.

Make rosettes out of scrap cotton knit similar to these. Hot glue a pin to back of rosette and pin to scarf.

Wear by wrapping around neck twice.

These will make great teacher gifts.


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I saw this silhouette from West Elm and loved the graphic nature of it, but thought they would be cooler if the silhouettes were of people I knew. Even more specifically, my kids!

What you’ll need:


Paint or spraypaint

digital pictures



mod podge


I scrolled through my pictures and found all of the full bodied pictures I could find.

I printed them in random sizes between 4×6 and 8×10 onto white cardstock.

Picture quality doesn’t matter for this project!

Using various scissors, large and small, carefully cut around subject.

As you can see printing pictures out on cardstock prevents seeing the ink on the backside.

After I was done cutting out all the figures, I spray painted a 16×20 canvas black.

When the paint was thoroughly dry, I decoupaged the cutouts to the canvas.


(Piper Ann)


I plan on getting some open back frames and painting them green.


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Christmas Card Display

What you’ll need:
Pretty ribbon


Start with some clothes pins, brush them with glue and glitter one side of them.


I took 3 strips of ribbon and taped the tops to the backside of a hall closet door, wrapped them around the front of the door and then taped them to the back.

Attach the clothespins sporadically and clip your cards to the ribbon.

As you can see we’ve only gotten 5 cards so far. Come on people Christmas cards are like crack to me! I want this door to be full!

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Eloise at the Plaza Birthday

We recently celebrated Piper Ann’s 6th birthday and we decided on an Eloise at the Plaza theme for her party.
The entire party was pink and black and each girl also wore pink and black.

Here is the table where each girl “checked in”

We got these great “Oops” keys from Lowes for FREE! The keychains came from the dollar store. The circles are from the wooden trinket aisle at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted pink and used black vinyl letters for room numbers.

Each girl also got a “suitcase” to hold their goodies.

I took see through shoe box containers from the dollar store and poked two holes in the lid. Then, I threaded pink and black ribbon through the holes and tied them on the underside of the lids to create a handle. I stuffed them with pink tissue paper.

Pink and Black paper banner. Here’s a tutorial.

To completely go overboard my mom decided to make a Black Apple doll in each of the girls likeness. They LOVED them. In addition the “suitcases” doubled as doll beds.

We got these cute glasses from the dollar store and wrapped black and white pipe cleaners around the handles as well as pink curling ribbon. They got to take those home as well.

The table was decorated in various pink candies in glass vessels.

A tier of pink treats. Strawberry fig bars, Strawberry wafer cookies, and pink frosted animal cookies.

Petit fours instead of cake.

There was a little nutrition… Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches cut into heart shapes, strawberries, and Sun Chips. (sunny chips according to P.A.)

I appliqued a zebra print 6 on a pink shirt for Piper Ann and then made her a pink and black tutu to wear over leggings.

Here we are decked out in our pink and black. (My mom was there too and a huge help, but she didn’t want any pictures taken.)

Here she is waiting to greet her guests donning her pink boa.

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