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Halloween Mantel

The kids have been requesting scary decorations for the house, so I started with the mantel. I decorated it while they were sleeping. They were so excited when they woke up!

Let me start by saying that The Dollar Tree is a great place for inexpensive finds when decorating for Halloween!

To recreate this mantel you’ll need:

Glass jars, creepy crawlys, sticks, skulls and Spanish moss.

I had these glass cylindrical vases that I filled parfait style with moss and mini skulls I scored with a coupon at Michaels. Then, I strategically placed some spiders.

These great rats are from the dollar store. Oh, and they squeak!

Ricardo got some great whiskey in this bottle, I got the bottle! I used a candle and dripped some wax on the ledge and hot glued a spider to the outside.

Eerie sign and crows are both from the dollar store. Sticks are from my yard!

I got these bat adhesives from Joann’s on clearance last year.

This picture is from the dollar store…

…see how it changes, so cool!

I love how the spiders appear to be crawling out of the jar! It was just a leftover spaghetti sauce jar and I sprayed the lid black.

To attach the spiders to the mantel, I used a hot glue gun and a prayer. To try and prevent the glue from peeling off the paint, I placed a bead of hot glue on each spider and let it cool until it was almost dry. Then I stuck it on. Hopefully they come off cleanly!!

Larger containers with skulls and spiders.

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Remember Me?

Its been a looooong time since I’ve blogged, so long that I’ve almost forgotten how to do it! Everything here on WordPress looks a little different!

Back in January I started at a new salon which meant more hours. I decided that my free time should be spent with my kids not on the internet. Plus, until yesterday I hadn’t really stepped foot in my craft room. It became more of a “catch all” disaster area.

August marked the beginning of all 3 kids being in school full time! It was an adjustment for me, but I’ve seemed to manage!I decided to work on my time management skills, clean out my craft room and return to a hobby that I love. I can’t wait to bust out the sewing machine and paint brushes and start sharing some of my creations with you.

I’m not promising consistency, but hang in there with me!


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