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Dick Weber? Not So Much.

(Dick Weber is a famous bowler from St. Louis. St. Louis is also home to the Bowling Hall of Fame.)

I haven’t bowled since Ricardo and I were dating. I’ve been wanting to go to see how my Wii skills translate into real life.

Lets just say, not well and we even had the gutters up for the kids. The first game I bowled an 80 something and was blown away by Ricardo’s 138 or something. The next game (by the way, we should have only bowled one game. 2 hours of bowling with very tired children is not so fun.) I actually tied Ricardo with a 107. Had I not banked the ball off the gutter, I would have knocked down that last pin, gotten a spare in the 10th frame and would have run away with the game. I still had a big ego boost that I could at least compete with him. It just took me a while to get my groove on.

The kids had a great time too. Piper Ann even wanted to do it. Whenever I bring up bowling, she always says, “I’m just going to watch.” It made me proud to see her come out of her comfort zone.

February 25, 2008 at 8:36 pm 2 comments

Beat Winter Blahs

rice1.jpgrice2.jpgrice3.jpg This is not a new concept, but its the first time (I just had to run upstairs because They’re dumping it all over the floor) I’ve done it at home.  I went to the store today and bought a bunch of beans and rice and dumped it in this storage container. I think I’m going to put a blanket under it, because there might be a lesser chance of the mixture getting scattered all over the floor. I’m hoping this will bring hours of play rather than hours of begging me to watch TV. We’ll see.

January 23, 2008 at 7:33 pm 4 comments

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