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Handmade Holidays 6

Here is number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4 and number 5.

Number 6 is Figure 8 scarves also known as infinity scarves.

What you’ll need:

2 yard of cotton knit fabric

Scraps of other cotton fabric

Coordinating thread

Cut fabric in thirds lengthwise. Sew ends together using a french seam.

Make rosettes out of scrap cotton knit similar to these. Hot glue a pin to back of rosette and pin to scarf.

Wear by wrapping around neck twice.

These will make great teacher gifts.



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I saw this silhouette from West Elm and loved the graphic nature of it, but thought they would be cooler if the silhouettes were of people I knew. Even more specifically, my kids!

What you’ll need:


Paint or spraypaint

digital pictures



mod podge


I scrolled through my pictures and found all of the full bodied pictures I could find.

I printed them in random sizes between 4×6 and 8×10 onto white cardstock.

Picture quality doesn’t matter for this project!

Using various scissors, large and small, carefully cut around subject.

As you can see printing pictures out on cardstock prevents seeing the ink on the backside.

After I was done cutting out all the figures, I spray painted a 16×20 canvas black.

When the paint was thoroughly dry, I decoupaged the cutouts to the canvas.


(Piper Ann)


I plan on getting some open back frames and painting them green.


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Christmas Card Display

What you’ll need:
Pretty ribbon


Start with some clothes pins, brush them with glue and glitter one side of them.


I took 3 strips of ribbon and taped the tops to the backside of a hall closet door, wrapped them around the front of the door and then taped them to the back.

Attach the clothespins sporadically and clip your cards to the ribbon.

As you can see we’ve only gotten 5 cards so far. Come on people Christmas cards are like crack to me! I want this door to be full!

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Bag Swap

I recently took part in Sew Mama Sew’s bag swap.
My swap partner was Kris from Everywhere Orange.
Look at this amazing bag she made for me…

I love everything about it, the style, the colors, the pattern.

She also did a great job with construction.

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the bag I made for her before I sent it out. Luckily she took some amazing pictures of it for me. Check it out here.

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Stinky Shoes

Piper Ann had these shoes that hit the point of no return. I could literally smell her coming.
After we got her witch costume from Goodwill for $3, I knew we could fancy up those shoes for one last hurrah.

Before (stuffed with plastic bags)



After (a little purple spray paint, mod podge, and glitter)

She’s going to be the sparkliest witch on the block!

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Burp Cloths

I’ve been cranking out burp cloths for all the babies that are coming.

A reverse applique “r”

Felt tree with bluebird

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Recent Projects

Two Pouches…

A new way to embellish with zippers.

I love the fabrics in this pouch, but it needs some perfecting.

A Bag…

A Clutch…

I’m loving the look of the two toned zipper flower.

July 11, 2010 at 5:03 pm 1 comment

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