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Eloise at the Plaza Birthday

We recently celebrated Piper Ann’s 6th birthday and we decided on an Eloise at the Plaza theme for her party.
The entire party was pink and black and each girl also wore pink and black.

Here is the table where each girl “checked in”

We got these great “Oops” keys from Lowes for FREE! The keychains came from the dollar store. The circles are from the wooden trinket aisle at Hobby Lobby that I spray painted pink and used black vinyl letters for room numbers.

Each girl also got a “suitcase” to hold their goodies.

I took see through shoe box containers from the dollar store and poked two holes in the lid. Then, I threaded pink and black ribbon through the holes and tied them on the underside of the lids to create a handle. I stuffed them with pink tissue paper.

Pink and Black paper banner. Here’s a tutorial.

To completely go overboard my mom decided to make a Black Apple doll in each of the girls likeness. They LOVED them. In addition the “suitcases” doubled as doll beds.

We got these cute glasses from the dollar store and wrapped black and white pipe cleaners around the handles as well as pink curling ribbon. They got to take those home as well.

The table was decorated in various pink candies in glass vessels.

A tier of pink treats. Strawberry fig bars, Strawberry wafer cookies, and pink frosted animal cookies.

Petit fours instead of cake.

There was a little nutrition… Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches cut into heart shapes, strawberries, and Sun Chips. (sunny chips according to P.A.)

I appliqued a zebra print 6 on a pink shirt for Piper Ann and then made her a pink and black tutu to wear over leggings.

Here we are decked out in our pink and black. (My mom was there too and a huge help, but she didn’t want any pictures taken.)

Here she is waiting to greet her guests donning her pink boa.

December 1, 2010 at 9:07 pm 4 comments


Happy Birthday to my precious pumpkin pie. I love you so much!

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“I Want Wavy Hair!”

Piper Ann has a new friend in her Kindergarten class who apparently has wavy hair worth coveting.
I took her to work with me the other day and she asked me to give her wavy hair, so I spent 20 minutes curling her hair. Due to lack of communication she wound up in tears (not really far fetched for her). “Its curly, not wavy!” So after a full blown meltdown in the car. I came up with plan B.

(“I don’t do mornings”)

It didn’t turn out as wavy as I’d hoped, but she loved it. Next time I’ll spritz her hair with water.

September 2, 2010 at 7:31 am 1 comment

Strange Request

After I picked up Piper Ann from school, Oliver requested to watch a “kid show.”

Piper Ann “piped” in and said, “no, I want to watch the show where the girls get roses.”

Yep, she was referring to the Bachelor. Although I could bond with her over some trash TV, do I really want her watching that? Probably not.

Luckily I deleted Mondays episode, so she might forget about it before next Monday. Lets hope!

January 8, 2009 at 5:35 pm 1 comment

Work It Baby

Here are some posed pictures of Piper Ann after her recital.

It was so cute. I had to stop myself from doing what Nathan calls the “happy cry.” At least its not the “ugly cry!”

June 8, 2008 at 11:12 pm 4 comments

Jesus Will Forgive You

We woke up this morning to liquid dog poop on the rug by the back door. Yesterday it was puke all over the dining room carpet.

Piper Ann said,”Daddy, did Murphy sh*t all over the place? (No, that wasn’t the word she learned a couple weeks ago. She’s known that one for a while). Of course this got a huge laugh from Nathan and got a repeat from Oliver. Luckily RIcardo didn’t really respond.

Due to the response she got she kept saying it. I told her to stop and she didn’t.

Finally, I said, “Piper Ann, Jesus doesn’t like that word.”

“He doesn’t?”

“No, he doesn’t so lets not say it anymore, ok?”

Nathan’s interjection,”But Jesus will forgive you if you do!”

Mommy’s very grateful for that.

May 14, 2008 at 4:48 pm 5 comments

Oh No!

Yesterday Nathan had a friend over for a playdate in the afternoon. I had the other two in bed before he got there, but they could sense him and abruptly awoke from their naps. Lucky for me they were still well behaved despite not napping.

So, as the afternoon progressed Piper Ann decided to show off her stomach to Luke ( the friend). He was unimpressed and didn’t even send her the slightest of looks. She proceeded to remove the entire shirt and said, “Luke look at me.” He did, and then returned to the trance of Nathan trying to¬† play Guitar Hero.

I explained to her that that was inappropriate and she needed to put her shirt back on, which she did. A few minutes later she said, “Luke, do you have a girlfriend?”

I just rolled my eyes.

I would say she’s too young for this behavior, but I can’t fathom this behavior at any point in her life. Not even when she’s happily married and trying to conceive to make me a grandchild.

April 12, 2008 at 3:57 pm 5 comments

Spring Ahead

I’m anxiously awaiting losing an hour of sleep on Saturday night. “What?” you say.
I’m hoping that it will retrain my children to wake up around 7am instead of 6am. I need more than 8 hours of sleep. I know, waaah, but I love sleep.
When they wake up that early, they usually come in my bed and cuddle for 2 minutes and then demand to watch TV. I tell them that there’s nothing worth watching until 7am, so Nathan sits there and stares at the clock waiting for it to have a 7 and then screams, “Kid show please!!!” Meanwhile the other two are fighting over blanket and pillow space. On top of it, I’m so not a morning person, but I’m not a night owl either.

March 6, 2008 at 3:47 pm 1 comment

Adios 1980’s

Poor Nathan is the last one to have his room redecorated since we moved in last year. Besides me he’s the only one who cares. I’ve procrastinated so long, because two of the walls are coated in the worlds most outdated wallpaper. wallpaper.jpg
Yes my poor little boy has been staring at this for almost 9 mos. Oh the horror!
So on Sunday, we got out our sprayers and scrapers and got to work. I’ve scraped a lot of paper and tried a lot of methods. The thing that works best for me is just getting it really wet, and then start scraping. The kids thought it was the greatest thing to help, too!le-wallpaper.jpg
I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. It may take a few days to get it all scraped and the walls deglued. Hopefully I’ll be painting by this weekend.

February 11, 2008 at 7:41 pm 2 comments

Too Much TV

Its not uncommon knowledge that my kids watch way too much TV. It really scares my when they quote commercials etc. Its also not uncommon knowledge that marshmallows are baby crack to Piper Ann.

I decided a few months ago that we were no longer buying cereal with marshmallows in it. I’m trying to eliminate the “don’t just pick the marshmallows out and beg for more cereal” fight.

Ricardo went to Sam’s to pick up a few things and come home with the mega cereal triple pack. One of the cereals of course is Lucky Charms (they used to call it “yucky charms” before they could say,”L” the right way. You can say that again. I hate the way it feels against your teeth when you bite into those chalky marshmallows.) .

So, Piper Ann has been begging me all week to open that box of cereal. “Mommy, can I have Marshmallow Power?” I told her we needed to finish the box we had open before we could open it, and then wondered where the heck she got “Marshmallow power” from.Yesterday, she ate 3 bowls of cereal to try and finish it. After she finished each one, she would ask, “can I have marshmallow power now? Finally I said, “Piper Ann, you have to eat 3 more bowls of Cheerios, before you can have ‘Marshmallow Power.'” She gave up.

I’m guessing she needs “marshmallow power” to fuel her tantrums, although they are getting a lot better. Oliver has just taken over. Welcome to the terrible two’s.

January 31, 2008 at 2:31 pm 3 comments

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