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Sunday Night Recap

So it will become apparent that I am addicted to trash TV, ie- reality TV. My case is that there is nothing else on to watch. (I would still be a reality junkie if Grey’s etc were not in rerun.)

Rock of Love II-This show is a total trainwreck and completely degrading to women. However, they didn’t need to sign up and wear little to no clothing. I’m just curious as to what the deal is with Catherine.
I know that she and Bret are probably the same age, but it doesn’t seem as though “born in the same decade” is something he’s looking for. I guess we’ll see if he keeps her around for the next couple of weeks.
My favorite is Peyton, but she’s definitely not slutty enough. In fact he even said he liked her in a sort of “friend that you can jam with” kind of way.

Scott Baio is 46…and no longer pregnant!

Thank goodness. This hardly falls under the category of “reality TV.” It seems awfully set up.

Hopefully there will be a more positive spin on the show rather than all his negativity towards matrimony and child rearing.

Big Brother

My first question is how come every guy with a slight build hangs out with their shirts off all the time? Even if Ricardo got in shape for Mr. Universe, I doubt he’d hang out with his shirt off all the time. There’s something unenjoyable about staring at someone’s nipples for an hour.

I used to be pulling for Jen and Ryan to win because of their secret. I still like him, but not here. I don’t have a favorite picked at all yet. Usually I have someone picked right off the bat.  I think its hard to choose, because they are couples instead of individuals.  Maybe after the POV, I’ll be able to pick a couple.

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Do You Think This is a Set Up?

Did any of you watch the 20/20 special episode about Joran Vandersloot? Damn Dutch. (That was a shout out to my West Michigan friends).

I’m not sure what to think of it. I almost think that he knew the cameras were there and was “confessing” this story to get off with a lesser charge, because the guilt is starting to eat away at him.

I’m not sure how I would act if I was having a one night stand and the person started seizing and then died, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a one night stand with someone who was Dutch first of all. 🙂 Second, a quick phone call to the police might be placed unless I had something to hide.

I guess we’ll see how it unfolds.

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Superbowl Commercials

Did you watch the Superbowl last night?

Here are two commercials that stood out for me.

#1. The Justin Timberlake commercial. He could just stand there and say, “drink Pepsi,” and I would convert from Coke. Not really, I hate Pepsi, Sorry Justin.

#2. The Clydesdale commercial.
Hank is my new hero.

What were some of yours?
Were you happy that the Patriots were upset by the Giants? If you’re a St. Louis Rams fan you are, no?

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Too Much TV

Its not uncommon knowledge that my kids watch way too much TV. It really scares my when they quote commercials etc. Its also not uncommon knowledge that marshmallows are baby crack to Piper Ann.

I decided a few months ago that we were no longer buying cereal with marshmallows in it. I’m trying to eliminate the “don’t just pick the marshmallows out and beg for more cereal” fight.

Ricardo went to Sam’s to pick up a few things and come home with the mega cereal triple pack. One of the cereals of course is Lucky Charms (they used to call it “yucky charms” before they could say,”L” the right way. You can say that again. I hate the way it feels against your teeth when you bite into those chalky marshmallows.) .

So, Piper Ann has been begging me all week to open that box of cereal. “Mommy, can I have Marshmallow Power?” I told her we needed to finish the box we had open before we could open it, and then wondered where the heck she got “Marshmallow power” from.Yesterday, she ate 3 bowls of cereal to try and finish it. After she finished each one, she would ask, “can I have marshmallow power now? Finally I said, “Piper Ann, you have to eat 3 more bowls of Cheerios, before you can have ‘Marshmallow Power.'” She gave up.

I’m guessing she needs “marshmallow power” to fuel her tantrums, although they are getting a lot better. Oliver has just taken over. Welcome to the terrible two’s.

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I Love a Countdown

Vh1 is counting down the greatest songs of the 90’s. I love it. Its like a walk down memory lane through junior high, high school, some college and even dating my husband. (wow, I did a lot in a decade).

What do you think the number one song “smells like,” I mean will be?

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Dancing with the Stars Review

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read if you haven’t watched.


First of all I’m elated with the outcome. I was pulling for Helio from day one. Yeah!

Can I also tell you how excited I am that Marie got voted out. That stupid doll dance she did was horrible. I was embarrassed for her!

My next gripe is about Samantha. She sucks. I thought Drew Lachey did a way better job. Why couldn’t they keep him? The first season of American Idol had to male hosts. I thought it was really funny when Maks took her cue card she totally flubbed. Tom Bergeron is awesome. She sucks and has no comedic timing whatsoever. Ugh.

My final grip is why have a stupid 2 hour finale show. Every damn show does that. No one cares about stupid Celine Dion. How many times do we have to watch them being interviewed and telling us how much they love their partners and how they’ve become better people because of the show. Blah Blah Blah. Has anyone on the final dance not gotten a 10. I’ve never seen it.

Anyway, are any of you going to watch the Bruno and Carrie show. I’m undecided. However, with the writers strike I might not have a choice.

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Follow up to Monday Night Review

I had to work last night, so I didn’t get to see my shows live. Thank god for DVR.

I was extremely disappointed with the oucome of DWTS and the Bachelor. Apparently Marie Osmond has the 40 and over demographic working for her. I don’t think she’s a very good dancer at all. I’m so much better. I wish Jennie Garth would have made it to the finals, but I guess you can’t complain when you don’t vote. (hello presidential election, America).

I was also uber disappointed with the Bachelor outcome. I too thought he would have second thoughts about Deanna (although she blinks way too much.). Why couldn’t he just date her to see if he fell in love with her. I can totally understand not falling in love with someone after 6 weeks, but if he misses her so much can’t they just casually date? Men are idiots. I guess he just could see himself as Mr. Blinky McBlinkerson.

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Monday Night TV Review

I’ll try not to spoil anything in case all you DVRers haven’t caught up yet.

I’m not really pulling for Mel B on Dancing with the Stars. I do however think that Maks is so hot. That’s sort of odd for me though, because I’m not usually attracted to the Eastern European types. Plus this is sort of a turn off. However, did anyone see the move that Mel did? Holy crap! My husband would be a little thrilled if I could do that! I’m rooting for Helio. How about you guys?

I also watched the finale of the Bachelor. Am I the only person who still watches that show? I totally hated the outcome. What do you all think?

A while ago I was tagged with a meme that made me come up with my top 8 songs I could listen to over and over again. I feel like I was put on the spot. Now I keep coming up with other songs in addition to my 8. So, if you see the random title to a song at the end of my post. You’ll see what my additions are.

Waterloo, ABBA
No Woman, No cry, Bob Marley

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