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Is This Some Kind of Joke?

A I was flipping through the radio while driving the kids to school today, I heard Christmas music. Seriously? Its October 14th.

October 14, 2008 at 7:39 pm 1 comment

They’re Baack

Dear God,
I do occasionally feel bad that I don’t like my dog. He’s one more thing that I have to clean up after, but I get no hugs or “I love you mommy” in return.
So my question is…why do all these bad dog related things keep happening? He gets in the trash, sheds like crazy, kills the grass when he pees, poops in the house if not walked on a regular basis, and now we have fleas again. I mean its not really helping me like him any more. Can you “throw me a bone” here? I’ve tried giving him one, but it just causes him to have diarrhea and still get in the trash.

When I was 7 mos pregnant with Piper Ann our house became infested with fleas. I’m sure it was due to the fact that we had 4 animals and none of them were on any preventative medicine.
It was horrible. I would walk through the kitchen and my legs would be covered with fleas. When they bombed the house, it caused them all to recede away from the walls. Luckily we didn’t have carpet, so there weren’t many places to lay eggs.
Well last night Murphy was up all night shaking his neck which caused his collar to rattle. It also caused me to be up all night. I thought maybe he needed to be let out or somethings, so Ricardo checked on him.
Well, this morning I swore I saw something jump on the floor. At first I thought it was a fruit fly, because we have a lot of those as well. Then I put 2 and 2 together.
I didn’t see any other “jumpers” while I was vacuuming every inch of the main level, but I have a couple of bites on my legs.

Hopefully we’ve caught it soon enough to prevent the great infestation of ’04.

June 25, 2008 at 9:16 pm 3 comments


Yesterday while I was at work, Ricardo decided to play a little online pool. His avatar (character) got messed up and for some reason would only let him be a girl.

During the 30 minutes or so he was playing he got asked how old he was 4 times. When he responded, “f-you pervert,” they got all defensive with him.

I’m completely freaked out by this. I know I’m a few years away from Piper Ann using the internet, but I can’t keep her from using it. I guess I just really need to drive it home, that you don’t talk to anyone who may seem suspicious on the internet. By suspicious I mean really nice, flirty, and caring. At the same time I have to teach her to be polite to people and most people aren’t bad. I’m not looking forward to this.

January 20, 2008 at 7:11 pm 2 comments

Yesterday, Continued

We’ll just say today is a continuation of yesterday instead of saying that this is bad day number 2.

Last night before I went to bed I asked Ricardo if he had to leave early for work, or could he take Nathan to school. I figured Piper Ann and Oliver would sleep in because they had no nap yesterday. Well, he had to be there early, so he couldn’t. It didn’t matter anyway, because they were all up at 6:30.

So we do our normal morning routine, and get ready to load up the car. “Where are my keys?” ring, ring, “Ricardo, where are my car keys?” He didn’t know. He used his own while driving my car last night. (lightbulb goes off in my head) Shoot (that’s not what I said)My dad was the last person to use my keys, and he’s leaving for Egypt today. ring ring, “Dad if you get this message, you might have my keys.” He’s fedexing them today.

So, Luckily my brothers car is in the driveway. I have to unhook all of the carseats out of the van and put them in his car. I try to be safe and squeeze them all in the backseat, but I can’t even see the buckles. So, front seat for Nathan it is. We get to school 30 minutes late, but its preschool who cares.

Earlier this week I misplaced my driver’s license. The bad part is that it was still my Michigan license and I now live in Missouri. So I take every piece of paperwork I can think of and drive over to the DMV. I explain my situation and fully expect to have to take the written test. I figure I’ll just take the book, study the consequences for DUI’s and maybe go over the signs again. No such luck. I have to get a copy of my driving record from Michigan and have it faxed to Missouri. ring ring, “I need to get a copy of my driving record faxed to Missouri.” The guy says,”You need to submit that in writing using a form from our website and we should have that back to you in 3 weeks.” “What?!!!” I proceed to ask a couple other questions of which the answer to all is no. “Thanks for your not help.”click. (I was mad, and that’s the worst thing I could come up with to say.)

I pick up the kids and storm out. As I’m driving home I hear a weird noise. I look over my shoulder and realize that Piper Ann has opened the car door and I’m going 40 MPH with the door open!

When I get home I make a few phone calls to find out that Monday morning I can go take the written and driving test to get my license sooner than 3 weeks from now. The catch is that I can’t have the kids in the car while I do this. Hotomom , We may need a playdate on Monday.

Now I just fear that I will fail!

Later this afternoon I had to break the news to Ricardo that the garage door will not open. Yeah!

I always try to look at the brightside…I have my passport so there will be nothing standing in the way of me drinking heavily when we go out for my birthday tomorrow.

January 11, 2008 at 9:43 pm 6 comments

My crappy day

( I didn’t want to put “shitty” in the title)

It started off well. The kids slept in a little, so I decided to shower before they got up. We had breakfast, they played, I cleaned and we headed out to the mall.

Today was the day that my brother had to go to court to find out his fate after not meeting his probation requirements for the hundredth time.

So while we were having lunch at the mall,  I decided to call my brother to make sure he was going to be there on time (he never is). He informed me that my dad’s flight was delayed and he was going to be late. Certainly I couldn’t let my brother go through this alone.

So I called my cousin to see if she could watch the kids (there’s no way in hell I’m taking them to the county courthouse), she can (thanks again!). I call work to make sure its ok that I come in late (a major highway in St. Louis is closed so traffic is highly unpredictable), Its ok.

So we leave the mall, I race home and get dressed for work, cancel my Thursday afternoon babysitters, and throw the kids back in the car. I drive 25 minutes to my cousins and throw the kids at her in the pouring down rain. I drive another 20 minutes to the county courthouse and somehow track down the courtroom that my brother is in.

We sat there while the lawyer and judge deliberated. My dad finally shows up. After some deliberating between the lawyer, my dad, and brother; the lawyer goes back to deliberating with the judge. (meanwhile I develop this nervous cold sweat thing, and I forgot deodorant. Its ok…for now)

So my brother accepts a plea bargain of 2 mos in county jail and then 90 days in a rehab facility. It was very emotional to watch them slap handcuffs on my brother and lead him away.

It was now 3:45 and I had to get to work. So, I gave my keys to my dad and sent him to pick up the kids, while I hunted down my brothers car in the parking garage. Found it. Good.

I get to the ticket window, I have no ticket. “I can’t let you out without a ticket, because someone just tried to steal a car from this garage.” I tell her, I don’t have a GD ticket. My brother has it and he’s in f-ing jail. “Well, you have to pay the lost ticket fee.” Whatever, I need to get to work. So I handed her my credit card. “We don’t take cards. There’s an ATM in the lobby of the hotel.” So I had to park the car. Run in and get cash. The freakin ATM is not working. Luckily my bro’s wallet was in the car and he had cash! Yeah!

So I made it to work. The whole time I was there I prayed there was no walkins because my BO was so bad!

So, it will be a long 6 mos of dragging Oliver to see uncle Ja-jo (that’s what they call him) in the slammer. He’s young enough that he won’t know what’s going on.

If you have any old magazines or books, I’m allowed to send them to him.

Please keep him in your prayers and hope this straightens him out for good.

January 11, 2008 at 2:27 am 2 comments

I Feel Old!

In the paper this morning they had a list of things that would have an anniversary in 2008.

25 years… Flashdance, among others.

20 years…First episode of The Wonder Years (this one really threw me for a loop, I think I watched every episode), “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” First episode of Roseanne

10 years…Seinfeld Finale, There’s Something About Mary, “Hit Me Baby One More Time (oh what a decade can do to someone.), Saving Private Ryan (unfortunately I saw that gory bloodbath in the theater. I almost walked out, but was still in the “trying to impress him” stage of my relationship with Ricardo; I moved to St. Louis and met Ricardo!

January 4, 2008 at 2:13 pm 3 comments

I think today was a record

I took the kids to the mall today to get a few gifts. I think today I was told “you have your hands full,” 6 times. I think it is a record.

December 11, 2007 at 7:44 pm 2 comments

Seriously, its really starting to take its toll.


I’m referring to Daylight Savings Time.

Oliver is asleep on the landing of the stairs. We are making progress, though. My wake up call wasn’t until 5:25 this morning.

November 6, 2007 at 5:37 pm 2 comments

Is a little extra sunshine really worth it?

4:55. That was my wake up call this morning from Piper Ann. Thank you, Daylight Savings time.

Luckily she went back to sleep for a little bit.

Remember when falling back meant an extra hour of sleep instead of an hour less?

November 5, 2007 at 7:36 pm 1 comment

No Blog today

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

November 3, 2007 at 11:20 pm 2 comments

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