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Baby Shower gifts

I’m going to a baby shower at the end of the month. Here are some cute ideas I might try.

Sock bouquet.

Blanket and cupcake onesies.

Burp cloths.

Stuffed bunny. So cute!

Sushi” baby gift

Socks in an egg carton

Onesies and bibs in a bowl

Simple and super cute onesies.

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Halloween Mantel

The kids have been requesting scary decorations for the house, so I started with the mantel. I decorated it while they were sleeping. They were so excited when they woke up!

Let me start by saying that The Dollar Tree is a great place for inexpensive finds when decorating for Halloween!

To recreate this mantel you’ll need:

Glass jars, creepy crawlys, sticks, skulls and Spanish moss.

I had these glass cylindrical vases that I filled parfait style with moss and mini skulls I scored with a coupon at Michaels. Then, I strategically placed some spiders.

These great rats are from the dollar store. Oh, and they squeak!

Ricardo got some great whiskey in this bottle, I got the bottle! I used a candle and dripped some wax on the ledge and hot glued a spider to the outside.

Eerie sign and crows are both from the dollar store. Sticks are from my yard!

I got these bat adhesives from Joann’s on clearance last year.

This picture is from the dollar store…

…see how it changes, so cool!

I love how the spiders appear to be crawling out of the jar! It was just a leftover spaghetti sauce jar and I sprayed the lid black.

To attach the spiders to the mantel, I used a hot glue gun and a prayer. To try and prevent the glue from peeling off the paint, I placed a bead of hot glue on each spider and let it cool until it was almost dry. Then I stuck it on. Hopefully they come off cleanly!!

Larger containers with skulls and spiders.

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Egg in the Hole- Recipe Roundtable


Sliced ham





honey or maple syrup

Start by heating up honey or maple syrup in pan.

Heat on ham each side until caramelized.

Meanwhile in another pan, melt butter.

Cut shapes from center of bread. Circles work well, but I used hearts.

(Smear the cutouts with pumpkin butter and your kids will love you forever.)

Crack an egg in the cutout of each piece of bread.

Season egg with salt and pepper.

When egg whites start to turn opaque, flip to other side.

For runny eggs cook just a few minutes. For firmer eggs cook longer.

Top bread with ham and sliced tomato. A slice of cheese would also be delicious.

For more Recipe Roundtable visit The Big Binder

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Handmade Holidays

Don’t forget to check in at Sew Mama Sew for their 4th annual Handmade Holidays. They will have a new tutorial everyday.

I will also be sharing some handmade gift ideas with you as well!

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Flower Muffin Tin Redo

Oliver really enjoyed the flower themed muffin tin, and asked for it again.

In the upper left and right corners there are Ritz crackers with notched carrot slices and string cheese centers. The top center is popcorn. Bottom left is a Bologna rose, bottom center is chocolate pudding with a vanilla pudding piped flower and a marshmallow center. Bottom right is an apple sliced notched with a raisin center.

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Oh Happy Day!

Look what I got in the mail!

I can’t wait to start creating with these.

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Cake Stands.
Dollar store serving dishes.

Cute, easy pillow.

“Mercury glass” pumpkins.I think paper mache pumpkins would work.


I have some old skeleton keys in a box somewhere. Now I know what to do with them.

I love this adorable skirt, and I know Piper Ann will too!

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Emma who is a fan of Livvie Lee on facebook won the giveaway. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered!!

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Just A Reminder

Tomato Fest is this Sunday. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun! If I wasn’t stuck behind a booth all day, I’d join in on the tomato dodge ball!

If you make it, make sure you stop by and say hi!

Here’s something I whipped up to commemorate the activities.

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Clean Garage

When we first moved into this house, we parked both cars in the garage. Its extra wide, so all the bikes and things fit along with the cars. I had a minivan and Ricardo drove a Jeep Wrangler.
Ricardo traded in the Wrangler for a Commander and the kids’ stuff seemed to multiply. Needless to say the Commander got the boot. Two oversized vehicles didn’t fit with all the other “crap.”
After Mallory bit the dust, Ricardo got a new, smaller car.  I knew with some serious organization and purging, both cars could once again fit in the TWO CAR garage!
All the crap. Jen, do you recognize the bike in the back corner?!

Seriously, how much crap does one family need in a garage? How many tricycles does a child need?

My mom came over and helped me organize. We filled all the trash cans and even made a trip to the dump! I don’t recommend wearing flip flops to the dump on a rainy day. I wasn’t a big fan of walking through the mysterious sludge on the ground!

Here it is all organized…

Two Cars! You can even get the lawnmower out without moving a car!

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