Remember Me?

Its been a looooong time since I’ve blogged, so long that I’ve almost forgotten how to do it! Everything here on WordPress looks a little different!

Back in January I started at a new salon which meant more hours. I decided that my free time should be spent with my kids not on the internet. Plus, until yesterday I hadn’t really stepped foot in my craft room. It became more of a “catch all” disaster area.

August marked the beginning of all 3 kids being in school full time! It was an adjustment for me, but I’ve seemed to manage!I decided to work on my time management skills, clean out my craft room and return to a hobby that I love. I can’t wait to bust out the sewing machine and paint brushes and start sharing some of my creations with you.

I’m not promising consistency, but hang in there with me!



September 27, 2011 at 7:35 pm 1 comment


Sunburst Mirror.

Plywood rug.

Fabulous scrappy pillow.

Circle Quilt Block

Great light fixture that I will be making for Oliver’s room.

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A really great necklace.

Rainbow pudding.

I love the way this monogram is displayed.

I want to make these for each of the states we’ve lived in.

Love this shirt!

Carrot Cake pops.

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Wonderful pillow tutorials. I’ll take one of each!

Great necklace.

Love the pink tshirt.

Owl Softie.

Wall plaques.

February 18, 2011 at 9:40 pm 1 comment


I love these knock off mirrors.

Great and cheap finials.

I love these fingerless mittens.

Lace up cuffs.

Paper bag skirt.

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I love this ring and its only $18!

Cute holiday snack mix.

I need one of these to carry around in my purse!

Pomegranate Liqueur

I will be using these pillows as inspiration.

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Handmade Holidays # 7

Wire Cloches and glittered Christmas trees are number 7.

A while back I bookmarked these wire cloches.
Instead of banging them against a metal bowl, I just made relief cuts and bent the tops down.

I spray painted a wooden candle holder topped with wooden ball black to use as the handle and added an adorable grosgrain ribbon bow.

I found these great letters at Hobby Lobby, sprayed them black and tied them with ribbon around the handle.

The cloches house a green glittered Christmas tree.

The trees are topped with a felt star that I whipped stitched with green thread. I stuck a tooth pick into the top of the tree to hold the star.


I found these wooden disks at Hobby Lobby that I sprayed black and glittered the edges.

I also made one that is just for winter, not so Christmasy.

I used this tutorial for the snowflake looking thing hanging from the center. I used hot glue instead of staples.

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