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Hobby Hump Day-Daisy Crazier

I’ve been making a lot of these daisies lately…

I have a lot of ideas for them, but so far have only completed this…
Now its your turn to play. Share your projects or ideas here:

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Hobby Hump Day- Travel Pouch

We leave for Florida on Thursday. I made this little pouch in which to put my wallet, maybe a lip gloss, and other essentials from my purse. That way I can take it from backpack, to beach bag. It has a strap so I can wear it on my wrist or hook in on a stroller.

Of course, I love cherries!

Now its your turn to play.

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Hobby Hump Day- Wedding Present

I’m putting this up early today, because Ricardo is at the gym and I have the whole TV to myself. The Big Brother finale is on tonight. I know, loser.

Anyway, my cousin is getting married next week, and I did a handmade gift. I will probably also throw in a check, too.

I’m not one to buy things off of a registry. I like to buy them something more meaningful.

Anyway here’s what I came up with…

Here is an apron I made. I’m doing a lemon theme because I loved the fabric and its a Florida wedding. The high waist band acts as a girdle!

The bride will also be able to set her table with these beautiful placemats…

Their tables will be protected from sweaty glasses with these coasters…What do you think? Would you like to get these as a gift or would you rather have a china set that you will use once a year?

I’m adding some pictures that my blogless friend Deanna sent me.

Here’s a cape she made for her son. I made some for Valentine’s day for my kids, but they’re definitely not as cool!
Here are a couple skirts she made for her daughter. It looks as though this one is made out of shirt sleeves. How cool! The buttons are already sewn on for you! Its fabulous.
This skirt is made out of an old pair of jeans…

If you have an idea you want to share and don’t have a blog, leave me a comment and I can post them for you.

Want to play? Share your ideas with us!

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Hobby Hump Day-Embellished Totebags

Now that we’ve (well, most of us) have jumped on the reusable bag bandwagon, shouldn’t we look cute while saving the environment?

I had a bunch of these tote bags, so I put my creative mind to use. Here’s what I came up with…

This one is sun/flower with some buttons for the center.

Those of you who know me, know I love cherries and daisies. This is obviously one of my favorites. Plus I love the aqua polka dotted vintage fabric in the background. (Yes I should have ironed it before I took its picture. My iron is out of commission right now. There is glue melted to it.)

Have a creation you want to share? Play along.

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Hobby Hump Day

I’m creating a new bloggy carnival where we can all show off our creative sides. Don’t be scared off by this. Feel free to share anything that may consist of being creative or being a hobby.

I will try to have the Hobby Hump Day posted sometime on Tuesday night, but bear with me. Don’t forget to leave me a comment!

On with it…

A good friend of mine’s sister is having twins, Finnegan and Cooper, here’s what I made for them…
Here’s a closeup of the applique I did on one square. Obviously the other one has a “C” on it. I cheated and tied off the quit instead of hand or machine quilting it.

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