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Our Chicago Trip Update

I will never be able to drag my kids home tomorrow. (In all seriousness Chicago is supposed to get 9 inches of snow tomorrow) They are having so much fun.

Yesterday we went to Woodfield mall. After a brief visit with the Easter Bunny, Nathan spotted the Lego Store. He was like a kid in a Lego store. It was so hard for him to decide what to get. He settled on some sort of Star Wars flying maching that included Anakin Skywalker and R2D2. It only took me and hour to put together. After the Lego store we passed Build-A-Bear. I put my foot down at spending $40/per stuffed animal per kid. I compromised with the Disney Store. Piper Ann got a little stuffed Dalmatian and Oliver got some little Dalmatian figurines. (The Easter Bunny brought the movie early for the trip).
After the mall we went to the greatest restaurant ever, if you’re a boy between 18 mos and 6 or so. The Choo Choo is a train themed restaurant in Des Plaines, IL. They deliver your food to you via train. How awesome is that? After a nutritious meal of cheeseburgers, french fries and milk shakes, we took a ride on the little train car (it just moves back and forth) and invested some hard earned coinage into the little vending machines. The boys got miniature ninjas and Piper Ann got a couple braceletes.
After lunch, a nap was desperately needed. The kids slept too.
Later that evening I finally got my Wayne’s pizza while my friend brought over her almost 1 year old son. My kids love babies!

Today we headed to IKEA. They have a free play area for kids who are potty trained. Oliver wasn’t too happy that he couldn’t go, but Nathan and Piper Ann were in heaven.
I got to satisfy my sushi craving for lunch. We went to Sushi Station. Who doesn’t love food served from a conveyor belt? There is a different assortment of fruit, sushi, and dessert that comes by your table. You just lift the little door and take what you want. Everything is priced by color of plate, so you have stack them up after you eat their contents. They too have amazing vending machines. Oliver got two miniature emergency vehicles. Piper Ann got 2 Hello Kitty figurines and Nathan got 2 Pokemon figurines. Luckily he got at least one of the ones he wanted.
They spent this afternoon building a fire in the firepit. They actually watched grandma do it, but had fun regardless.
Now hopefully I won’t return from vacation to find my basement full of water…again. Have you heard about the flooding in Missouri? Its not to far from my house.

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