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Big Foot

So today we headed out to find sandals, a baseball mitt, shin guards and bike helmet.

Of course Piper Ann’s sandals were easy to find. I could have bought multiple pairs, but I restrained myself. I’m trying to instill self control for her shoe buying since I have none.

I don’t love the styles they have for boys. I just want some Birkenstock looking sandals for them, but all I find are essentially hiking shoes with some holes cut in the top. So, I settle for Oliver. They had nothing for Nathan.

So at the next stop I find him a pair that I tolerate. I try on his normal size 13 or 13 1/2 shoe…too small. Size 1 fits, but there’s no room to grow. So finally the 2 works. I was completely shocked that my almost 5 year old (next week) wears a size 2. That means he’s been wearing shoes that are 2 sizes too small for god only knows how long.

It then takes me a few minutes to realize that he now needs new gym shoes too, because he can’t play tball and soccer in shoes that are 2 sizes too small. They have nothing at this store.

We head to the next store and settle on these They’re a bit pricey for me, but it was worth it to not have to tie them repeatedly.
You will proud of me that I didn’t take advantage of the buy one get one half off, although I peeked a little.

In addition to his giant feet. (Am I crazy or is this big for a 5 year old?) I had to buy him a bike helmet for an 8 year old. Lets hope his head is full of brains and his feet benefit his one-day wife.

April 9, 2008 at 12:49 am 4 comments