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I was asked to review Ridemakerz. Think Build-A-Bear, but a lot less cuddly! I was actually excited about this concept, because Nathan always bugs me to go to Build-A-Bear. I just think he’s too old to spend a million dollars on a stuffed animal. Although, my brother made one with him and he sleeps with it every night. Go figure.

Let me start off by stating that I spent $90 for 2 cars. Obviously, the money didn’t come out of my pocket, so I let them upgrade on almost everything.

There aren’t stores everywhere. We just happen to be going to Chicago, so I brought along my giftcard. Don’t worry you can customize your ride online also.

First of all you choose your body. They have everything ranging from Mini Coopers to Mustangs, to dump trucks. The prices for the bodies range anywhere from $10 to$25.

Then you can choose to upgrade your sound. All of the cars come with sound and the boys chose to keep what came with their car. Next you can choose to keep a normal chassis or upgrade to “monster.” I was certain the boys would want to upgrade their chassis, but they didn’t.

After the chassis comes the wheels. There are standard wheels that come with the car, or you can upgrade to colored treads on the tires. Both the boys upgraded their tires. Oliver chose a dumptruck, so the tires are visible, therefore worth the extra money. However, Nathan chose a hot rod and you can’t see the tires unless you flip the car over. That upgrade wasn’t worth it, since you can’t see them.

Next they upgraded their hubcaps, of course there are standard hubcaps that come with it.

Let me add this…when choosing a chassis you can also choose to motorize your car. In other words, make it a remote controlled car. This bumps up the price $25.

Then we moved on to the wall of decals. We chose one package to split, because there were a lot of stickers on one sheet. Nathan chose an engine to stick out of the hood and Oliver chose a silver dumper for his dump truck. I wasn’t impressed with the engine. It falls off really easily, because its only held on by a magnet.

Next my dad and I got to assemble them. They timed us and I lost, but it was fun. Next they got to name their cars and print out a bumper sticker. Here’s a shock, Nathan named his car Star Wars.

Here are some pics of the boys with their cars.

I would say its definitely worth checking out Ridemakerz. If it was on my bill, I would have let them pick out a car and one upgrade and probably would have walked out of there $40 poorer instead of $90.

After you build your car, you can also buy add ons instead of making a whole new car. For instance, Olivers car could also be converted into a firetruck.

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