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My Big Marketing Plan

…that I won’t get paid for.

I came up with this plan while scrubbing glue of the wall. Nothing like a tedious job to get you thinking.

This morning we went to Walmart to get a few things. I told the kids we could go to McDonalds or something after, if they were good. I know, bribing with food is straight out of the AAP handbooks, sorry dad.
Of course there was a heated debate over McDonalds vs. Burger King. Its not like it matters they never eat the food anyway. They just like the stupid toy for 5 minutes and I usually end up throwing them away. There are a few that have stuck around…Cars from the movie, Strawberry Shortcake, and for some reason those stupid Build-A-Bear stuffed animals (obviously not by my choice).

So here’s where I came up with my big marketing plan. What if you had your choice between a toy at the drive thru or a $1.50 toy voucher to Walmart in your happy meal? When I go into Walmart or Target, I never walk out with only “what I intended to buy.” There’s usually at least one extra.

That way you could save up your vouchers and buy something worthwhile. It will attract you to, say Target or Walmart or whatever to redeem your vouchers. Meanwhile they have your attention to buy other things while you’re there.

Back me up here people. What do you think?

February 19, 2008 at 8:07 pm 4 comments