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Fill In the Blanks

Nathan was asked to fill in the blanks for a worksheet at school.

LigerHis handwriting is atrocious, but it says I’m as “wild” as a “Liger.” Hopefully his teacher is up on her pop culture! Hilarious!

September 17, 2009 at 7:37 pm 2 comments

New Garden

I just redid a garden bed on the side of my house. Luckily the local nurseries have been having some great sales!

Unfortunately I don’t have a before pictures.  Basically the bed consisted of bushes like these…


That then got this disease…


And ended up looking like this…


There was also a nasty tree stump and root I had to dig up.

After I was done cutting down the dead bushes and digging up the stump, I tilled the dirt and ended up with a clean slate.


{Yes, the siding is in desperate need of a powerwashing. Ricardo, get on it 😉 }


The cable company did an excellent job of buring the cable! I had to be really careful not to sever the cable!


Here are the plants lined up and ready to be planted. The large plant in the middle is a hydrangea I got for $12.  The yellow plant in front is Coreopsis.  The other obvious plants are Salvia. At first I thought they were a bargain at $.50 each, but it turns out they are an annual. Maybe I’m crazy, but I thought Salvia was a perennial.

In each of the  corners that you can’t see, I planted a light purple coneflower,  $2 each!


In front of the chimney I wanted something with height. I found this Joe Pye Weed that I know nothing about. They were $2.50 each and I liked the purple flowers, more Coreopsis in front.


Here they are all planted with a little mulch to keep them hydrated.


Yep, the orange cable is still sticking up! I’ll get to it one of these days.

Unfortunately my whole deck is lined with the disease ridden bushes. There are also some on both sides of the house and one in the front. All which have the disease. I have a lot of work ahead of me!

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